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We help you define your SEO objectives & develop a realistic strategy with you. You may have in-house marketing teams who require support & guidance, or you may need us to be your full SEO team. We work in both ways & advise on the best approach.

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Outsourcing SEO

We offer our SEO services to businesses on a global scale. The key to delivering the returns you want for your business is building long lasting results for your website, and we can do that for you, no matter where your business is located. Our SEO consultants will focus on building long term digital strategies that build keyword rankings, grow organic traffic and drive business revenue.

SEO Trends and Algorithm

We are dedicated to keeping up with current trends in SEO. We know that algorithm changes by Google, or a little tweaks by Bing can drastically alter the balance of the Cedrus, and that’s why we constantly keep an eye on what’s going on so we can tailor our approach, and your website, accordingly.